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Virtual Office & Business Services

Virtual Office

We offer virtual office services such as a legal business address, company phone/website/emails/fax, 247 phone receptionist with unlimited extensions/ call transfers/forwarding/message notifications by SMS & email, mail & package support, and other on-premise and virtual business and marketing add-ons to help your daily operations. You are able to use private and conference rooms to meet with clients or accomplish tasks on an hourly basis.

We do offer a virtual office lease agreement which is legally recognized proof of occupancy. 

If you need a lease agreement with 6 to 42-month terms we do require pre-payment or else they are month to month. We do not lease longer than 42 months.

Best of all when you become a virtual office member you receive a free bundle membership to the Pembroke Pines Business Network

Anyone renting a Virtual Mailbox Services, Private Mailbox Stores, PO Box, Virtual Office Space, and Business Center where they receive mail from an approved third-party business location (known as a CMRA) must complete the form 1538 with a notary. The good news is you can connect with an online notary 24 hours a day HERE. Once you fill out the scanned document please upload it here.

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Virtual Address & Services - Plan A
Plan A - $42 per month
  • Legal Business Address
  • Receive and Send Fax ($2 Per Page)
  • Receive Mail and Packages Email Notifications (Hold Mail 30 Days, $1.00 To Scan & Send Per Double-Sided Document)
  • 1 Hour Private Office or Conference Room
  • 5% Discount on Dedicated or Private Office Rental
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Virtual Address & Services - Plan B
Plan B - $59 per month
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Virtual Address & Services - Plan C
Plan C - $159 per month
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Virtual Address & Services - Plan D
Plan D - $259 per month
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