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What are the pros and cons of shared office spaces?

As a business owner, you would need a place to grow and scale your business. Should you opt for the traditional office space lease or venture out the shared office spaces? Let us find out! 

In 2017, about 542,000 people in the United States worked in coworking spaces, and the numbers are projected to grow to 1.08 million in 2022. 

Before investing in a shared office space, here are the pros and cons of one: 

The cons of shared office spaces

Distractions are inevitable.

Your day as a business owner may include daily meetings with your team, marketing pitch decks for potential investors, and other sales processes to drive up your ROI. In a shared office space, there is not only one of you. In some cases, the people you work along with may have the same agenda. 

Hence, it will be noisy and you will be distracted. 

Distractions are inevitable in a shared office space. You cannot control the noise that is generating — unless you have a powerful noise-canceling device. 

You have no privacy.

The usual setup in a shared office space is that you will always have company, including the days you ought to make a significant decision. It is unavoidable to keep things private, especially that you are meters away from a competitor. 

There will be no privacy, so keep your voice down or purchase a privacy screen protector. 

Lack of company culture. 

For any business, company culture is essential to represent the spirit. But it may be hard to establish a general company culture with other people working outside of the team. 

Try private offices instead to ensure that you and other employees are in an inclusive environment. 

The pros of shared office spaces

The plans are flexible. 

The major advantage of shared office space is the flexibility of plans. With shared offices, there are no leasing requirements, upfront costs, and deposits. 

Just like GP WorkSpace dedicated hourly desk for as low as $10 per hour or monthly desk starting at $350. 

Be exposed to a pool of professionals. 

Nothing beats being exposed to a network of professionals. Being involved in a business can be lonely sometimes. But having the same people with the same mindset can drive growth.  

Surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs helps your business grow. 

Great amenities and services. 

The convenience of shared office spaces is its excellent amenities and services. 

You are easily equipped with high-speed internet, secured with a smart-lock entry, complete with complimentary drinks, and somebody will even take out the trash for you. 

GP WorkSpace offers coworking spaces on an hourly and monthly basis. For more information and inquiries about our services, you may visit our website or contact them through (754) 354-5861. You can also send a message via our contact form. GP Workspace operates from Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 9 PM at 10031 Pines Blvd #220, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024


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