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5 benefits of coworking space

Ten years ago, the idea of coworking spaces was still foreign to many. But what was irrelevant is now making coworking spaces owners about 90 percent of profit. As of 2019, there are about 17,000 coworking spaces around the world and there is no room for slowing down. 

Coworking spaces are beautifully-designed spaces with office-like amenities. These amenities can come with wifi services, printing and scanning services, parking slots, kitchen, coffee, and more. You can also choose between shared spaces or private ones. To understand it better, coworking spaces are designed if you are looking for an area to do your work, especially if you are tired of your home and the coffee shops. 

The usual market that opts for coworking spaces are freelancers, start-up companies, and self-starters. Coworking spaces benefit freelancers the most since their usual working setup is working remotely and in flexible hours. Thus, coworking spaces give them the opportunity to choose their preferred time, in a nice working environment, and without having to work alone. 

Startup companies are businesses that have just entered the market. Meaning to say, they are still in the process of building and developing their brand. Coworking spaces are a great fit when compared to the clauses in the traditional leasing agreement of common office spaces. One of the reasons why is because the rental costs are less and not bound by long-term contracts. 

Coworking spaces, since you can opt for shared spaces, provides the opportunity to work with other individuals and teams, which can bridge to meeting new connections. It is possible that one of these connections may even fund and partner with your startup business. 

GP WorkSpace is a sister company of Global Presence Marketing, a business and marketing agency that launched in 2007, which provides on-demand coworking desks, private offices, virtual business addresses, and services for entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives. These spaces come with exceptional amenities to increase productivity, boost creativity, and overall have a positive impact on work performance. 

The monthly virtual office services provide a business address for your organization. You can use this as information to send and receive packages and notifications. This also comes with a one-paged website with 10 company email addresses, a company phone number with a live receptionist, and fax numbers converted to email. Get all these services starting at $59.99 per month. 

While access to a shared space can be availed at per hour rate, half-day, or full-day. Simply bring your laptop, pick a seat, and get working. These spaces are equipped with modern furniture, hi-speed internet, a 44-inch SMART television, smart lock entry, and more extraordinary features and amenities. A shared space starts at $10 per hour. 

And if you are tired of bringing your laptop to the coworking space every day, GP WorkSpace offers Dedicated Desks, a monthly service wherein individuals can set up their work essentials on the same day for only $300 a month. A private and personal team office can also accommodate up to 10 people for only $15 per hour. 

Benefits of coworking spaces 

The changes in work culture, especially during these trying times due to the pandemic, are slowly transitioning to a remote work option. In line with this, there will come a point wherein coworking spaces would not only be catering for freelancers, startup businesses, or self-starters but to almost all essential workers. But what are the benefits of working in a shared workspace? 

  • Increased networking opportunities

One of the most significant benefits of coworking spaces is the ability to increase networking opportunities. Since it is a shared space, you will be working with other people with different business goals and visions. Usually, outside a coworking space, you can only meet other individuals through clients, dinners, meetings, and events. But through working in a shared space, you can actually work with them and who knows where your business can go? You might be able to start a partnership with your coworking space members! 

  • Heightened productive emotions 

Working alone can lead to feeling lonely and this might lead to being unproductive. But working with professionals in a lively environment increases productive emotions since the people around you have the energy and will. Therefore, you will have the same drive. 

Another pro of coworking spaces is that there are no distractions. If you are a mother, you have kids that might distract your working mood or household chores that may get along the way. When you are in a coworking space, all these worries go away. 

  • Saves massive rental costs 

Traditional office leases are priced higher and are usually bound by a long-term contract. This means a massive rental expense assuming you are a startup business. Coworking spaces save rental costs as you can pay per hour, per day, or per month. You are also not trapped in a contract. It is flexible and allows your business to grow. 

  • New and fresh environments 

If you are tired of working in the same environment as your room every day, now is the time to go out and explore! Coworking spaces offer new and fresh environments that are new to your eyes. Break out of your comfort zone and meet new and exciting people along the way. 

  • Enjoy work and life balance

Your life should not solely focus on your work. Go out, exercise, cook the dish that you want, buy the clothes that you have been eyeing, and enjoy work and life balance. This will keep you grounded. Many coworking spaces are built in ideal locations and most of them are easily accessible by car or even just by walking distance. 

GP WorkSpace offers coworking spaces on an hourly and monthly basis. For more information and inquiries about their services, you may visit their website or contact them through (754) 354-5861. You can also send a message on their contact form. GP Workspace operates from Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 9 PM at 10031 Pines Blvd #220, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024.

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